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Food Talk from the Pool

The idea for this cookbook originated in our Aqua Aerobics class. I LOVE to cook

Easy Polenta Tamale Pie
Chinese Hot and Sour Pork Soup
Ghana Ground Nut Stew
 Cherry Pudding
Stuffed Shells or Manicotti..Chef's Choice!
Mexican Cheese Roll
Pepperoni Pizza Dip
Southwestern Potato Salad
Refreshing Kale Salad

lynn in ma's Cookbook

My favorite recipes

Cold German-Style Potato Salad
Chicken and Shrimp Vindaloo
Spanish Pot Roast
Mandarin Orange Chicken
Slow Cooker Braciole
Kicked Up Breakfast Sandwich
My Kentucky Derby Chocolate Pie
Bisquick Mini Veggie Quiches
Savory Stuffed Tomatoes

Christmas Cookies

Best of our Classic Christmas Cookies

Old World Pfeffernusse Cookies
Holiday No Bake Rum Balls
Christmas Petticoat Tails
Grandma Rosenbrook's Gingersnaps
Christmas Viennese Crescent Cookies
Christmas Linzer Cookies
Christmas Mincemeat or Jam Turnovers
Christmas Chocolate Pinwheel Butter Cookies
“Grandma’s” Gingerbread Cut-Out Cookies

Cakes and Cookies

My favorite recipes

Moist Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Applesauce Peanut Butter Squares
Cherry Nut Dump Cake
Peach Cobbler 2
Mini-Strawberry Cheesecakes
Christmas Chocolate Pinwheel Butter Cookies
Almond Cherry Cookies
Blueberry and Cherry Trifles-Individual
Cranberry Orange Cookies

Octoberfest Celebration

German Oktoberfest recipes

Black Forest Mini Cheesecakes
Schwarzwalder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake)
Black Forest Cherry Cheesecake
German Black Bread
Apfelpfannkuchen (German Apple Pancakes)
Oven Baked German Pancakes
Amazing Baked German Pork Chops
Bier Fisch (German Beer Fish)
Falscher Hase (False Hare (German Meatloaf))

The Chef in You

Quick & Easy

Butter Chicken
Chicken Tortillas
Farmhouse Potato Salad
Favourite Three Bean Salad with Bacon
Mushroom Patties
Quick & Easy Spaghetti Bolognese
BBQ Lamb Ribs
Nutty Meatloaf

frostyt's Cookbook

My favorite recipes

Leftover Greek Pasta Salad
Best Spinach Pie
Summer Greek Salad
Greek Potatoes
Greek Biscuits
Vegetable Omelet with Cheese

Wafcw Wafcwt's Cookbook

My favorite recipes

Basil Potato Latke Muffins
Bibimbap (Korean Seasoned Vegetables and Rice with Spicy Sauce)
Sour-Spicy Tofu, Green Beans and Mushrooms Stir-Fry
Pannacotta with Blueberry Coulis
Asian Simple Spicy Sautéed Green Beans
15 Minute Broccoli Italian Style
1 Pan Smoked Paprika Sautéed Green Beans
15 Minute Perfect Shallow Poached Salmon
Eggplant Pomodoro Pasta



Christmas Candy Cane Cookies
Holiday No Bake Rum Balls
Bacardi Rum Balls
Cashew Nut Roast with Herb Stuffing
Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Filling
Beets Glazed with Orange Vinaigrette
Herbed Pan Gravy
Allspiced Cider
German Anise Christmas Cookies

Where's the beef?

My most popular beef recipes

All-Day-Long Crockpot Beef
Beef Broccoli Strudel
Baked Beef Ziti
Texas Beef Skillet
15 Minute Broccoli Beef (Easy)
Beef-Barley Soup
Hearty Stovetop Beef Stew
German Beef Roulade
Beef Tips in Red Wine Sauce